Is it possible to ‘outgrow’ a severe allergy to morphine?

Patient: In 1998 I was given morphine for pain after surgery and had an immediate anaphylactic reaction. I got giant hives and started to swell in my throat and face. All within a few seconds of the IV injection. Since then I have avoided morphine and codeine completely. A few months ago I was accidentally given morphine after another surgery and had no reaction. Is it possible to ‘outgrow’ a severe allergy to morphine?

Doctor: While allergies can be sometimes outgrown this is not typical with a drug allergy. It may have either been another drug or a much lower dose of morphine. In any case I would advice you to check whether you are really allergic to morphine or is it something else which was given during your earlier surgery to what you were allergic to. You can test this through allergen skin testing with an allergy specilist. All the best.