Is it possible to pull your own testicle from your body if oyu pull an twist? if this happened how bad would it hurt how much pain would i be in?

Patient: This may sound really weird but i used to watch porn and masturbate to transgenders and part of it was i wanted to become a woman this was just what got me going. This happened a few ears back i was reading on a forum while i was high on drugs one day that if your considering it you should try castration. I grabbed my balls and twisted and pulled really hard. i was wondering if its possible i actually did that. I still can feel both my testicle and it would feel as if they are still attached through a tin sort of large string that attachs them. I don’t know if i’m paranoid or not but my body is actually very little muscle mass since then and looks as tough i could have some sort of testosterone deficiency. Is it even possible to pull apart your balls from your body? I never had any overly intense pain tat i can remember but this was like 2 years ago ad my memory is not so great.

Symptoms: slight pain in testicles

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The only clinically approved method of castration is by surgery from a board certified surg eon. It is possible that your injury you sustained could have disrupted the function of your testes, but we strongly recommend that if you are seeking sexual reassignment, please consult a board certified plastic surgeon.Thank you for choosing