Is it really a miscarriage or a miss diagnostic

Patient: Hi.1 weeks ago i went to a doctor and i was daingostic that i was 6weeks pregnant.on friday which was the next day i had a really bad pain on the left side of my belly and my back.and in the morning i started spotting a brown discharge.on wenesday morning i woke up i went to the bathroom and i saw a flresh blood dropping.i rushed to the hospital they did a pregnancy test it was weak they sent me for an ultrasound the same day to check if its not an ectopic pregnancy and they didnt see no sign of pregnancy except a mass outside of the uterus with some hch blood result was 45.8.the next day they repeat it and it was the saurday morning i pass two small blood clot size of my thumb.on the afternoon the doctor just came to me and told me that i lost the baby .im really worry.i really would love to know is it true i