Is it safe to consume Sorbitol while 6 week pregnant?

Patient: Am 6 week pregnant and doctor recommended Sorbitol and tricholine citrate. However, after browsing through web, i became a bit confused whether i shall consume this or not?Last time i suffered with abortion (though i had not consumed sorbitol and tricholine last time).Can you pl assist?Writing on behalf of wifeThanks in advance

Symptoms: Pregnant

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Sorbitol and tricholine citrate combination is used as a la xative.Though this combination of drugs is not specified under pregnancy category.Better to avoid this as tricholine citrate belongs to category D drugs in pregnancy, means there is some possible risk to the fetus.Instead, you can prefer lactulose containing laxatives, which belongs to category B drugs in pregnancy, means animal studies have failed to demonstrate adverse effects on fetus whereas sufficient human studies are lacking.So, please discuss with your doctor and follow her advice.Take care