Is it too early to do a pregnancy test if I missed my period for 1 day?

Patient: I have been on birth control for years now but on the 10th of june i had unprotected sex.i was suposed to have had my period yesterday on the 14th of june but i am now one day late.might i be pregnant even though i NEVER forget to take my birth control pill,even though i had sex on my non ovulating day and even though i have been experiencing pre-menstrual pain the last two days?

Doctor: It is too early to detect pregnancy this soon. Home pregnancy tests are usually done if one misses her period for a week . Do the home pregnancy test if you still don’t have your period next week. However, if your next period will have a shorter duration (e.g. 2 days instead of usual 5 days) and lesser amount (e.g. staining 1 pad instead of usual 1-2 soaked pads per day), do a pregnancy test still because that could be an implantation bleeding. It seems like you will be having your period soon. Please practice safe sex always. Take care.