Is it too early to test for pregnancy if i missed my period for 2 days?

Patient: I just had sex for the first time last Tuesday we used a condom and his penis didn’t get close to me as long as he had the condom on he didn’t cum until 10 minutes later when he put his penis in me It hurt alot and I told him to stop after like 2 minutes he pulled out and noticed alot of blood almost like a flow of when I get my period it was everywhere and we stopped after that I just jacked him off until he came and well I got home and I didn’t have anything but brown didn’t have anything but brown discharge and well I usually get my period the same time my friend gets it and that was 4 days ago I’ve been scared because I haven’t gotten mine I tooke a pregnancy test 2 days after my missed period and it came out negative my question is is there any way that having sex for the first time ruin my menstrual cycle and I’ve been stressing? Any ideas of what I should do?thanks i’m really freaking out

Doctor: With your description, it will be very unlikely you will get pregnant.It is still too early to do the pregnancy test, an d yes, the stress you are having could have be the cause of your missed period. You may repeat the pregnancy test if you still don’t have your period a week after now; better do this in the morning because the hormone levels in urine are concentrated during this time. Bear in mind that condoms are not 100% effective against pregnancy. Take care always.