Is lung CT really necessary before Ovarian cyst surgery ?

Patient: I have been diagnosed with a 8cm complex ovarian cyst . The initial CT scan with contrast caused me to have hives (I am allergic to quite a few things ) I also felt severe sudden pain in my ovary at the end of the scan . The OB wanting to do surgery has ordered another CT this one of my lungs before surgery . I do not want the test because of cost and risks . My CA125 test came back normal and I have no family history of cancer .Still waiting on results of OVA-1 Is this a standard test before surgery for cysts ??( I am 50 premenopausal)

Doctor: A lung CT is a standard test before surgery for a complex ovarian cyst. Although, it seems very likely that this cyst is benign (not cancer), there is no test that can completely rule out this possibility. The lung CT will not only look for any cancer deposits but also give an indication of lung function and your eligibility for surgery. Since you are allergic to the contrast used, ask your doctor about a non-contrast lung CT. Best of luck.