Is my best friend lesbian?

Patient: 2 weeks ago I saw my therapist and after long conversation about my life, I asked her; I have a problem with my best friend, she always wants to go out with me. she wants to sat in café and talk and talk and talk. she started to yell at me; don’t you know she is lesbian? – I live in Iran and she thinks all gay-lesbian persons are sick- now; I have 2 weeks nausea and can’t understand what happened? is my best friend lesbian? that’s why she never likes my ex boyfriends? that’s why she ruined my lovely trip last year? but she had boyfriends more than, she is touchy, and I hate it. she is so annoying and always nagging – just around me- every time I try to cut this kind of relationship, she finds a way. one day sleeping with strange man, one day crying and ask for help, one day job problems, one day party planning with my real friends and not her. I’m so confuse and in Iran? none of doctors are this much open about this kind of problems.

Symptoms: Nausea, sleep disorder, headache

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is no sure shot possibility that your girlfriend could be lesbian.Though she has be en touchy unless she has made sexual advances or discussed lesbian sexual ideas with you, you cannot come to conclusions. Also, it can be out of true concern or affection as a true friend that she is asking for help and always being around you. Even normal best friends develop some amount of possessiveness to each other. Consider talking to her and try to understand things from her perspective as well .may be you will find solutions. You may even go in for counselling with her together and be open about the doubts you have as to her being a lesbian and discuss it with the doctor as well.Hope this helped.Regards,