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Is my Birth Control doing it’s job?

Patient: Hello, I just recently began taking birth control pills. I am on my third pack. My doctor told me that my normally heavy and long periods would shorten to about 2-3 days and much lighter bleeding. However, this did not happen the first month. I didn’t think much of it because I figured it had not regulated yet. The second pack, on the fifteenth day, I experienced what I thought was breakthrough bleeding – but it became as heavy as my normal periods and lasted 8 days. I called the doctors office on the 5th day and they said this was breakthrough bleeding and was common within the first three months. Then, on the last week of the pack, I never got my period. So was the “breakthrough bleeding” really an early period? Why did it come early? This is my third month and I’m waiting to see what happens. My main question is: even if the birth control has not regulated yet, will it affect it’s ability to prevent pregnancy? Thanks!




Symptoms: Irregular bleeding

Doctor: Hello.THanks for contacting askthe doctor.comIt is seen that the contraceptive pills generally take 2 to 3 months to regularize ones cycles.the bleeding which you had in the middle of the cycle which lasted for 8 days was not a breakthrough but menses due to possible withdrawal and an early menses. It is suggested that you may use an additional backup method like barrier contraception in the last week of the pack if menses are not resumed as the last 7 pills are placebo and dont have hormones. They are meant to initiate withdrawal.ideally wait for your menses to resume and then you may start a fresh pack from day 2.i hope i have answered your query in detail.wishing you healthy life.regards


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