Is my child diabetic?

Patient: Hello,My 6 year old son has been feeling poorly – headaches, stomach aches, sometimes really hungry, sometimes frequent urination – other times he feels and acts just fine. These non specific symptoms are the way my daughter felt for a long while before the typical type 1 diabetes symptoms showed up leading to her diagnoses of type1. I checked his fasting blood glucose this morning – it was 138. The rest of the day after meals his BG was never high, always in the 120’s. I’m uncertain what to do next. Should I continue to check his BG and wait for clear signs of a problem? Do you see a problem with what I have told you? At this point I don’t want to test for the antibodies because whatever the common antibodies are that they test for, didn’t show up for my daughter. I don’t want to scare my son but I don’t want to miss something either 🙂

Symptoms: Headache, stomach ache, cranky