Is my daughters circles under her eyes a concern

Patient: My three year old has circles under her eyes. They have been there for the majority of her life. As a baby they would barely show up just at the rim of the bottom of her eyes very lightly once and a while and became more persistent as she grew. They are down to almost her cheeks they’re so large now. The part closest to her eyes is a light purple and the part beneath that is a reddish pinkish color. She gets about 12 hours of sleep per night and usually does not take naps. Occasionally she’ll take a nap on her own and occasionally shell get very cranky and I’ll lay down with her until she falls asleep for a nap.I’m really bad with numbers so I can’t remember her height and weight but I believe shes about normal in weight a little on the lower end and about normal on height but a little on the higher end. She wears a 4T or a girls 4 in pants/shorts but they are a little loose on her, the 3T’s are too short while she wears mainly 3T shirts, being able to wear some 2T and some 4T if theyre made small theyre just a little bit loose on her. Forgive me if this part is just too much information I just cant remember the numbers for her weight and height and don’t know how else to explain her body type.She is an extremely picky eater. At the recommendation of her pediatrician I have in the past not allowed her to eat or drink anything (except water, the pediatrician said not even water but I just couldn’t deprive her of water ­čÖü ) at all unless she ate what I had prepared for her for lunch/dinner. She went a week eating nothing at all but breakfast because she is so stubborn she refused to eat lunch or dinner still! So I give her what she will eat, I did not feel comfortable and felt like I was neglecting and starving her.This is a list of foods she will eat. Stuff she’ll eat once every few months: Half a scrambled egg, Half a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich, a salad with only lettuce, cheese, cruitons, oatmeal. Stuff she’ll eat regularly: Any fruit except oranges (She has fruit a few times a week on average because she will eat it often throughout the day and we run out quick and our budget doesnt allow to buy more than that) fruit snacks (2 times a week) peanut butter crackers (the kind with the orange cheese crackers with peanut butter inside, about 4 times a week) and the dipping cracker sticks into cheese, cereal, waffles, toast, slices of cheese (a few times a month) theres a few more things but I see I’m rambling and I think this should be sufficient information to answer my question. She drinks mainly juice, water and milk.. i let her have non caffeinated pop 1-2 times a week some weeks, then shell go months without it. 1-3 cups of water a day depending on her mood.I also have circles under my eyes and pretty much always have, so has my sister. I am worried her circles are from lack of nutrition. Based on her diet, and based on my also always having dark circles along with my sister do you think her dark circles are due to lack of nutrition or just hereditary? She always has her iron checked often at doctors appointments and it is always good.

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