Is my girlfriend allergic to me?

Patient: Sorry for the long text:Dear Doctor!I’m writing to you in connection with my girlfriend’s allergic reaction which happens when we are together. Basically she is already allergic to dust and has atopy on her right hand since she was a child (now she is 23 and I am 27), which is sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker but always there. As she is a Japanese girl living in Japan, we have only met 3 times for a week each, in Japan, in Hungary and in Switzerland, but her symptoms have appeared every time. Small red rashes appear on the hands and later on the legs too, her face gets itchy and breaks out in pimples too. These always start days after meeting again and get better some days after we leave each other. We also tried sleeping apart and that helped a bit on the symptoms (no sexual intercourse yet). So I’m afraid I might have something that makes her produce such reactions. She also blames my dreadlocks which indeed catch not few dust (but I’ll cut it before we meet soon so that possibility will be crossed out). Because of her dust allergy they live in a very clean environment so I also suspect that staying longer at an inherently dustier place (like my flat) might get her reactions acting up. Also she had a lot of stress because of travelling to meet me, which also don’t help such skin diseases.In Japan and in Hungary we slept in hotels, so we always suspected the local washing powders to cause these effects but in Switzerland (where I work) I deliberately bought new bed linen to avoid such a problem (although I washed it before using it…). Dishes were different in the three countries so I can’t see that there would be a common ground for an allergic reaction.I’ll buy new clothes and will wash them and myself according to her hygienic discipline and we’ll see how it goes. I don’t regularly use deodorant, nor aftershave and I had different shower gels all the time. What else could we change to stop her reactions or to find out what caused them? How could we soothe them? Maybe after being together for a longer time she would get used to my “flora” and she would eventually stop her reactions in an environment with less stress? Of course I sent her to her Japanese specialist as well to get checked (to see whether I can be the cause).Thank you in advance for your answer and please take a look at the photos of the symptoms (if I can attach them)Best regards,Péter

Symptoms: Rashes on hands and legs, on face later, red eye, itchiness