Is my girlfriend pregnant?

Patient: My gf and i had sex about 2 weeks ago. It was unprotected and i did not ejaculate in her. She started her period 2 days after sex but she is complaining of a chronic head and dizziness and back pain that starts near where her appendix would be, and tiredness. She has fairly bad scoliosis. She has also had a cough and a temperature And i am just nervous because some of these symptoms do remind me of an early pregnancy.

Symptoms: Headache, cough, severe back pain, tiredness.

Doctor: Thank you for our question. Her symptoms seem more closely related to a bacterial or viral infection. Since she had her period shortly after intercourse, it is a low possibility that she may be pregnant. However, we would like her to see her doctor regarding her current symptoms. She may need to have a pelvic examination and perform a pregnancy test to be absolutely certain that she is not pregnant. Please encourage your girlfriend to go see a doctor.Thank you for consulting