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Is my girlfriend pregnant? My girlfriend and I had sex

Patient: Is my girlfriend pregnant? My girlfriend and I had sex on june 15th. She is on birth control and I pulled out very early. She had slight and short bleeding when her period was due on june 26th. We took an hpt test a week later and it was negative and then tested again on july 10th and it was negative. What i want to know is if those tests would be accurate or if they were too early? She is now 2 days late on her period this month but she is very irregular and switching her pill because of it.



Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the query.Chances of she being pregnant are least as she is on birth contro l, you pulled out, pregnancy tests done twice were done at the right time and are negative.Kindly mention the exact duration of bleeding on 26th June so as be sure it was not implantation bleed.You can confirm the pregnancy further by blood pregnancy test in a good lab and ultrasound.Hope this helps.Feel free to discuss further,Regards.



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Patient: The duration of bleeding was 2-3 days and she says she felt like she was experiencing her period it was just lighter than usual but still had all the same symptoms. I should also mention that she went on a Europe trip the 1-2 weeks before and had an unexpected heavy period due to pressure changes on the plane so I feel that this has thrown off her whole cycle. Should I be concerned that she is late on her period this month or is it most likely associated to the unexpected heavy period that is causing it to be late?

Doctor: Please mention the date of period after the trip and if you had protected or unprotected sex after 15th june.

Patient: We had protected sex once after that date and everything was fine the condom didn’t break so there is no worry there. Her unexpected period on trip was a week long and was from June 5 to June 12 and she says was the heaviest that she has experienced. Her light period that was on schedule was from June 26 to the 28th. I wouldn’t think it would be implantation bleeding as that would have shown a positive in either one of the tests. I originally did believe it could have been implantation bleeding but the negative tests makes me think it was just her normal scheduled period but being light because of the extremely heavy period she experienced 2 weeks before on the trip.

Doctor: Okay, so to conclude I do not think its pregnancy and her delayed period could be because of her irregularities in taking birth control.
I would still advise you to get pelvic ultrasound done to assess her abnormal menstrual periods.
Take care.

Patient: Thank you for your help!

Doctor: We are here to help you.
Take care .

Patient: Update: took a first response early detection pregnancy test (3rd test we’ve done) and that also came up negative 6 weeks after intercourse

Patient: She however is now a week late on her period but doesn’t have any pregnancy symptoms

Doctor: Kindly get an Ultrasound pelvis done now.

Patient: She saw her doctor and the doctor told her she wasn’t having her period because her birth control dosage wasn’t strong enough and so the doctor just switched her to a stronger dosage on Monday. Her doctor wasn’t very concerned about the late period and said it was because her pills weren’t strong enough and were causing her to be irregular

Doctor: Okay, if she is seen personally by a doctor, let’s wait.
Take care.


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