Is my medicine mixture safe?

Patient: I need to know if the mixture of medicines I am taking is ok? Micronor, amitriptyline, duac, a skin hair and nails supplement tablet and I am also taking a fat burner??.

Symptoms: I started taking the fat burner about 4 days ago, the skin hair nails supplement and the Duac 2 days ago and have been on the micronor and amitriptyline for several months.

Doctor: You mentioned that you are using micronor which is an oral contraceptive with amitryptiline. Amitryptiline has no effec t on OC pils, but OC pills can increase blood levels os amitryptiline. So you must be closely monitored for drug levels. There usually no interactions with other drug, you have been consuming. Consult a physician to monitor the drug dosage of amitryptiline.