Is my partner pregnant?

Patient: My partner has had nausea/sickness in the morning and evenings and is overdue her period. After taking 2 pregnancy tests, they both came back negative? What could this be? Could she still be pregnant?Please note: the website wont let me change the symptoms in the below box. Symptoms are stated as above.Thanks

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Little bit of irregularity in periods can occur due to many ca uses.Usually, menstrual cycle with length of 21 days to 35 days should be considered as normal only.Nausea, mild sickness, abdominal cramps etc symptoms can be seen in other conditions like premenstrual phase, pelvic inflammatory disease etc also.So, just by symptoms we cannot come to one conclusion regarding pregnancy.Usually, urine pregnancy test kit can give an accurate result after one week of expected date of periods.For more accurate result, you can get a blood test for pregnancy or an ultrasound.If these tests exclude the possibility of pregnancy, she can take tablets to induce withdrawal bleeding with her doctor’s advice.Hope this helps.Take care.