Is my period late or am I pregnant?

Patient: Hi, Im a 28 year old NYC woman (will be 29 in January) in a monogomous, long term relationship. I’m going to apologize in advance for my overly detailed note, but I figure the more details you have, the more helpful you can be!I started the pill when I was a 17 or 18… I had a serious bf and was starting to have sex, and I also had very irregular periods (never knew when they would start). About 4 to 5 months ago, after 10 years of being on the pill (everything from Ortho Tricyclen, to Ortho low, to generics), I stopped one week into a pack (bad, I know) because my boyfriend and I determined the pill was generally making me crazy (moody, irritable, mean…) and I just started thinking that all those hormones pumping through my body cant possibly be healthy for me (cancer!??). Perhaps it was the type of pill I was on, Im not sure, but regardless, I got off of it. My live in boyfriend and I then went back to condoms, which we both hate (esp him). Many times, however, we would have unprotected sex for several minutes and then a little bit into it, he would put on a condom to finish out… The past 2 months, we have been separated because I have been working in Japan. He came to visit me last month from Nov 22 thru 27th and we had unprotected sex the entire time he was here, at least 6-7 times (although sometimes he never even finished and when he DID, he never finished inside or even close to my vagina… ie, “the pull out method”). My last period started around Nov 1st or 2nd so I figured I was definitely passed my ovulation period and in a rather “safe zone” cycle wise, especially if he didn’t ejaculate inside… yes, I know there is always a chance even in the safe zone, and I know there is pre ejaculate, and Im reading all sorts of stuff as to whether or not it contains sperm… some docs say yes, others say no, some say yes but only if he didnt urinate after a previous ejaculation (he always urinates after every ejaculation)…Anyway, its Dec 6 here in Japan… NO period yet, however Ive had a dull cramping in my stomach for days as if I am about to start. My face broke out some and Ive been having cravings for chocolate, mostly. My breasts were tender several days ago but then it went away and they are not sore.. also, there is no discharge. For the past week, since last Tuesday, I have been very sick with laryngitis that has now developed into a full out cold. I have also been under a decent amount of stress because I sing for a living, and because Ive been sick, Ive had to miss shows, etc… I read that illness, stress, changes time zones, lifestyle, diet, getting off the pill and back to a regular cycle, etc can delay your period or even make you miss your period…I guess I am just wanting to know, what are the chances that I could be pregnant… are they very high or does it sound like my body is still messed up and trying to figure out it’s regular cycle? Is my body still adjusting to not being on the pill after 10 years, even though Ive been off of it for 4 to 5 months? HOW likely is it to get pregnant off of precum if he doesn’t fully ejaculate inside of me at orgasm? Thank you so much for your help!