Is my uti infection getting better?

Patient: I’m not sure whether i have a urinary tract infection? im 18 years old. And as most girls do, i masturbated on friday night. i feel as though i may have done some damage to the inside of my vagina as i did use an item while doing it. i woke up this morning on the sunday and its not that my vagina hurts, i need a wee every 2 minutes!? Now an infection cant be that quick can it? so every time i go and have this wee , towards the end of it i feel this pain when i push in my vagina. Now all of a sudden, it is a bit better i can see red blood strings from my urine. this information was a few days ago and there is no blood anymore, no stinging hardly and i dont feel sick and dont need to wee every minute/ is this getting better?

Symptoms: Uti symtpoms