Is my wife pregnant? We had unprotected sex

Patient: Me and my wife had sex on 9th March. She was already late in her periods. Her period usually starts and ends within first 5 days of the month. We didn’t use a condom during intercourse but I didn’t ejaculate or even pre-ejaculate. We are newly married and never had sex before 9th of March. After sex she took birth control pill. It’s 13th of March now and she is worried about the fact that she might be pregnant and her period hasn’t started yet. Is there any possibility of pregnancy?

Symptoms: So far no symptoms of pregnancy

Doctor: Hi,If your wife has regular periods and if you couple had sex on the 9th March then maybe she need not worry about a p regnancy. Sometimes tensions can make her periods irregular. Moreover if she had taken the birth control pill normally termed as morning after pill or the emergency contraceptive pill the chances of pregnancy are remote.The best thing would be to rule out chances of a pregnancy by going for a home pregnancy test which should generally be negative unless in rare cases. Since prevention is always better than cure, it is advisable that she use birth control pills starting from day 5 of the menstrual cycle till day 25 which are almost 99% effective in providing contraception when taken regularly.