Is period twice in three weeks dangerous?

Patient: Ive had my period twice in 3 weeks when im not supposed to, because ive taken pills late or forgot them for one day, i get it inmmediatelly, never happened can it come twice so fast and how dangerous is it?

Doctor: Frequent periods or polymenorrhoea can lead to excessive blood loss beyond your body’s restorative capacity resulting in anemia, excess load on the heart and even heart failure in very severe cases. Anemia is basically a diminished oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. This leads to reduced oxygen content in all tissues and body systems. Typically an anemic person looks pale, suffers from fatigue, breathlessness after doing normal work etc. and sometimes even has fainting spells.Though there are many reasons for polymenorrhoea the most likely reason in your case is missing pills every now and then. This can cause a lot of hormonal imbalance in your body and is not good for your health. I strongly deter you from continuing with birth control pills if you are not able to comply with the schedule. Discuss alternative contraceptive methods with your doctor rather than compromising with your health.