Is polio vaccine safe with fever or teething or cough or runny nose?

Patient: Currently My wife got fever and runny nose while my 9-month old baby got only runny nose now.Baby just hade fever two days back while toothing (got second teeth). Baby cried and couldn’t sleep in night so, in night gave 1ml combiflame (metacyne+ibuprofen) .Still my baby is coughing heavy and runny nose from yesterday. Tomorrow should I give the baby the polio vaccine? Is it safe if baby has fever or cough/cold during oral drops of polio

Doctor: Since your baby is suffering from cough with running nose, your baby immune status will be on little lower end. Oral Pol io Vaccine (OPV) requires good immune status to act well, so it is not recommended except for very mild fevers. Let the symptoms subside after which your baby can be vaccinated