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Is Saicra GLME beneficial in osteo arthritis?

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My mom is suffering from osteo arthritis since many yeras, she is now 55 yeras old,and a diabetic patient,our family doctor has suggsted her for knee replacement surgery,i have came across SAICRA GLME which promises to give relief from pain naturally.Is it a good idea to go for this capsules?


Saicra GLME contains an extract from the New Zealand green lipped mussel called Perna Canaliculus. Saicra GLME helps to maintain healthy joint mobility. It contains a blend of natural proteins, minerals, mucopolysaccharides, glucosamine and Omega 3 fatty acids all naturally occurring compounds known to maintain joint mobility and wellbeing. Its recommended uses are: relief for arthritic problems, minimizing the effects of sports injuries to ligaments, muscles and joints; also enhancing endurance for athletes or in general, for elderly and people with arthritic complains. Definitely you could try the capsules in your mother but if her knee condition worsens possibly the surgery should be considered.

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