Is she pregnant or is this just a hormone thing?

Patient: Hey, So my girlfriend is experiencing some pregnancy symptoms such as spotting redish pink and brown colors a few days before her period as well as her nipples are itchy… She is on birth control and I have never ejacualted inside of her so I was kinda hoppin you guys could give me an accurate report of what might be happening. Thank You!

Symptoms: Spotting, nipple itching.

Doctor: Hello,If your girlfriend has been on birth control and you both had protected sex all the time then there are no chan ces of pregnancy. The symptoms of itchy/ sore breasts, mood swings, spotting which she is experiencing is possibly PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME which mimic early pregnancy symptoms and indicates that her menses are going to ensue in few days .These symptoms would stop by the start or completion of menses.I hope i have answered your query,regards