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Is she pregnant ? Please help so confused.

Patient: Is she pregnant? One positive test early december or januray. Throwing up all the symptoms of prego. Two weeks later she got what we think is her period it was light but got heavier the next day. Week after week she took Home pregnancy tests that came out negative. Two in the morning with the first urine of the day both negative. One was positive for two mins then turned negative. Thats the latest one. We went to the doctor last week for a urine test paid 50$ and got the result not to worry shes not pregnant. Please help doc were so confuses. She keeps telling me she feels stabbing in her stomach but she tells me this type of pain is normal for her that it is when she tells when shes going to miss one of her periods. she plays soccer and would be over 8 weeks prego if she is or was. Please help be specific to if you could. I put as much info as i can into this




Doctor: You informed that intially the patient had positive pregnancy test, later had bleeding, followed by negative prgancy tes t. Mostly all these suggest that she had abortion. Risk of abortion is high, she played soccer when she had missed periods. Consult a gynecologist to detailed examination. She might require D & C, if she had abortion to prevent further complications.


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