Is the child my husbands or my boyfriends

Patient: I had my last periods october 14 and i has slept with my bf on oct 24th..then got my periods on nov 14th and again nxt mnth dec 14.Later i had slept wit my huby in the month of jan 20 i got pregnant..Feb 28th i had my scan where my CRL was 3.8. it was a 10 week scan..thn my delivery was september was a c-sectionn, which we wanted to do.. throughtout my pregnancy i had bleeding…my doubt is the child is my hubys or not…im scared whether nov and dec 14th it was a pregnancy bleeding.Please help..

Symptoms: Pregnancy bleeding

Doctor: As you slept with your BF last in October and after that you had your periods in Nov and again in Dec there is no chance that the child is anyone else’s but your husband’s. So you need not worry on that count.Even your scan done in Feb shows the baby was conceived some time around 27 th of Dec. so stop worrying.