Patient: I had a blood sugar test at doctors office and it showed 147 , so i went and bought a home glucose meter and started testing and in the mornings my blood sugar is between 101 and 112 and 2 hours after eating my blood sugar has got as high as 212 and 191 ,I told my doctor and he did a A1C test and it came back 5.5 and he said I dont have a problem and I’m not pre diabetic, but my readings at home point to pre diabeties and I’am watching what I eat because I dont want to become full blown diabetic. My question is can you have a normal A1C test and have not so good readings at home, and can I reverse it by eating habits? Thanks Patricia Barker Ps. I did quite eating sugar and carbs 2 weeks before A1C test

Symptoms: Blurred vision, dry mouth

Doctor: Hi, pleased to be assisting you with your health question today.if your HbA1c is normal, then there is no need to wo rry, but as your post prandial sugar is high, you should be careful.Your fasting sugar indicating that you are prediabetic, you need to see a dietician and check your meal pattern, do exercises.Hope this helps and provides answers to your question. I wish you good health, take care.