Is the fluid that came out semen or sperm?

Patient: 3 weeks ago I had sexual intercourse with my girlfriend. I was wearing a condom throughout. At a certain point I felt like I was about to hit climax/ejaculation and decided to pull out. I felt a minimal amount of fluid come out of the tip of my penis but decided to continue thinking it was only “pre-cum”. we continued to have sex for another half an hour before I completely hit climax.There are 2 questions I would like to know:1. Is the fluid that came out initially semen or does it contain sperm2. If yes to the first question, is it possible by continuing to have sex, the continuous thrusting could have pushed the fluid out of the condom and possibly entering inside her causing pregnancyThank you for your help

Symptoms: The girl has always had irregular periods. Recently she thought her period was coming but turned out it wasn’t even though some blood did come out. I thought that it could be from “spotting”.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. If you are concerned that your girlfriend may be pregnant, then it is best that she consul t a physician and have the necessary pregnancy testing done. All seminal fluid does contain sperm, and has the potential of causing pregnancy.Thank you for choosing