Is the Medifast Diet covered by health insurance?

Patient: Dear doctor about 6 months ago I started gaining weight. I have gained about 30 pounds. I have difficulty in breathing and generally not feeling well. I am very much interested in starting the medifast diet but am considering the cost. Currently I do not have medical insurance. I want to know whether the medifast diet is covered by my health insurance? Thank you.

Doctor: Weight-loss programs are generally not covered by medical insurance, but please check with both your doctor and your ins urance carrier for information relative to your individual circumstances. Some policies may cover weight-loss programs in conjunction with specific medical conditions in which obesity is a factor (such as primary diagnosis of type 2 diabetes or heart disease) and weight loss can lead to management or improvement of these conditions. But again, you will need to ask your doctor and your insurance carrier this question in order to receive an accurate answer based on your coverage and medical status.