Is the uretheral discharge due to an STD or a sore ?

Patient: Ok so this afternoon i was working out at the gym, my underwear were rubbing the tip of my penis in a strange way and caused a sore near the urethra. 3 to 4 hours later while examining the sore there was yellowish discharge coming from my urethra. I researched the internet and found everything from nothing to STD’s on the discharge but my question is, could the discharge be from the sore? I did have sex 4 days earlier so it could also add up to an STD, i just want to know if its coincidence that they both appeared at the same time.

Doctor: If the yellow discharge is directly coming out of your urethra  then there are more chances of being an STD. However if you cannot distinguish it could also be coming out from the sore that you have suggesting that the sore itself is infected .Either way treatment if needed and you need to see a physician in person for further investigations. In order to prevent the spread of STD;s it is also always recommended to use barrier protection in the form of condoms. All the best. I hope this helps.