Is there a chance i could have infertility problams

Patient: Hi I was just wondering if you have a wond ultra sound to check for cycts on the ovaries would they check if everything else was normal or just the ovaries and if not would they have told me if I could have any children , my ovaries result was fine tho?

Symptoms: Being trying for a baby for a while

Doctor: Thank you for your query.After carefully going through your query we would like to convey that if the couple have been trying to conceive & have not been able to a conception even after an year then such couples could be termed as infertile. There are around twelve to thirteen reasons which could lead to infertility in both the male & female partners it is advisable that the couple undergo these investigations to ascertain the reason for infertility based on the reports appropriate treatment could be suggested ranging from simple medication to advanced ART( assisted reproductive technologies) to help overcome infertility problems thereby achieving your dream of parenthood. The transvaginal ultrasound scan will help to know the ovulation & cysts also if there are any. Depending on the size of the cysts they could either resolve automatically if small or may require aspiration if they are big as these could hinder ovulation by impairing folliculogenesis(growth of the egg) needs medical attention. Therefore get a repeat scan done to analyse the present situation based on which appropriate advice can be suggested.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.