Is There a Non-Surgical Substitute for Liposuction?

Patient: Hello doctors. Thank you for answering my previous question concerning the localized belly fat so soon. I know that liposuction is the best solution, but is there a nonsurgical substitute? What about the G5 massage machine? Does it really help(accompanied with diet and exercise)to reduce localized fat? My BMI is 22 now. Thank you 🙂

Doctor: Once again congratulations on your weight loss and thank you for your trust by coming back to this site.  As anyone who watches late night infomercials is aware, there is no shortage of products offering weight loss, targeted weight loss, better health and beauty.  As doctors, we can only recommend products where there is scientific proof of the validity of their claims.The best form of scientific proof comes in the form of randomized control trials.  These are large trials involving large number of people in where half the group in subjected to treatment (G5 massage treatment in this case) and half the group is subjected to placebo (a sham G5 treatment).  Only after comparing the groups at the end of  the study, can a conclusion be made on treatment effects of the product.To the best of my knowledge no large multi centered trials have been done on the G5 machine or any similar products.  As such, I can not recommend it and do not know of any non surgical options for your problem.  It’s a shame these companies do not conduct these trials as it would enhance the credibility of their products.  I suspect they do not conduct these trials because they are not prepared to deal with the results which may not be as favorable as their claims.