Is there a possibility of me becoming pregnant after giving my boyfriend a handjob?

Patient: So my boyfriend came over to my house and things got a little ”intense”. To make a long story short, i ended up giving him a handjob and i wiped off any residue that was left on my hand, on his jacket. He left to go home and i went inside to go take a shower. i txted him for an hour and then i went on to the bathroom and turned the faucet on and put my hand in the hot water. Then i started to take a shower and while doing so, i washed my body and i cleaned my vaginal area. Is there a possibility of me becoming pregnant?

Doctor: I understand your doubt about becoming pregnant. There is a very minimal to almost no chance of becoming pregnant this w ay. The life span of sperm after they’re ejaculated depends on the environmental conditions. Sperm ejaculated into a woman’s vagina remain alive in the mucus of the cervix and are able to fertilize an egg for three to five days. Sperm ejaculated outside the body usually live only a few hours. Since an hour passed and you washed your hands, the probability decreases even more.In the future, if you would like to know about contraceptive methods you could consult your health care provider, they will kindly explain to you all the options and suggest the best one for you.