Is there a possible chance i miscarried

Patient: One two seperate occasions I have had arguments with my mother due to her not caring about my pregnancy she has made it her job to try and stress me out . I have had cramping on two occasions I quickly try and calm myself down I am 6 weeks pregnant still got regular symptoms I never bled at all. I’m worried about my baby and I can’t get an ultrasound till a week and 3 days I take my prenatal faithfully and eat and drink healthy. Is there a possibility that I miscarry and didn’t know I know it sometimes takes 14 days to bleed I’m just worried about the cramping I had

Symptoms: Cramping while arguing no bleeding

Doctor: Hello,If you are pregnant and there has been no bleeding then the cramping you are experiencing is possibly due to li gament laxity and stretching under progesterone effect which is a normal feature in pregnancy and may last till 12 weeks causing mild pain in both the flanks . So you can wait for a week for the scan, need not be worried, just stay calm and try to keep yourself relaxed and away formally arguments which can stress you up.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards