Is there a way to slow down your metabolism? I

Patient: Is there a way to slow down your metabolism? I eat roughly the same as a normal sized person maybe even more but I’m unable to gain weight. It’s starting to affect my social life and self confidence.

Symptoms: Very fast metabolism.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read the history and understood your concerns.The metabolism is same for all, the rate of metabolism is either reduced or increased only if there is disease affecting it , like Hyperthyroidism increases the metabolism.By looking at your photograph, it looks that your face may be similar to someone in the house/family/ blood relatives.If you have picked up the face of someone who is also lean and thin like you, this is genetic predisposition and then nothing can be done, rather nothing should be done and disturb your natural appearance and so on.If this is not so or even if it is like this, you may consult a Dietitian and an expert physical trainer and try according to their advise to gain the weight and physique. You may be successful.Hope this helps you