Is there any chance for me to get pregnant?

Patient: Hi,On the night of day before yesterday, me and my boyfriend tried to have sex(we’re both virgins).But could not do it as I was not ready. He just inserted his one-third length of penis into me for about two seconds and then I asked him to pull out.He did NOT ejaculate inside me. Only the pre-ejaculate could possibly have been gotten inside and he urinated an hour before we did this whole thing(which could mean that the sperms inside his penis were dead and pre-ejaculate would not have contained sperms).Now Today when I woke up I felt abdominal pains and got my period.I also have PCOS and irregular periods.I just wanted to ask whether is there any possible chance for me to get pregnant?

Symptoms: Abdominal cramps, onset of period

Doctor: After you have got your periods, you really should not be worried about the possibility of a pregnancy. More so given th e fact that no ejaculation took place inside your vagina and hence you had no contact with the sperms.Precum or pre-ejaculatory fluid rarely contains any sperms and these sperms usually are incapacitated and cannot get anyone pregnant. I believe there is no reason you should worry about the possibility of a pregnancy. If however you still feel that you wish to confirm the same, you may do so by taking a home pregnancy test.A home pregnancy test is a urinary hCG- based test and is 99% reliable in detecting a pregnancy. It is best to carefully follow the instructions on the pack for accurate results.In the future, please use some form of contraception. There is no use to worrying about something that is best prevented. Equip yourself with the knowledge of various contraceptive options available to you especially that of emergency contraception.