Is there any chance that I could be pregnant?

Patient: I had unprotected sex two weeks ago.I am on the contraceptive pill, but noticed at the end of my packet that I did not have my last pill. So I took one from another packet.The man did not ejaculate but I was worried so took the morning after pill 30 hours after the incident. I was then two days late for my period- which still came, but slightly lighter.I have still been very worried I could be pregnant so have taken 3 tests all negative.I have now got very swollen glands and am feeling pain in my lower back and groin, as well as the glands in my throat.Could all of this be down to worry, and is there any chance I could still be pregnant? My next period is not due for another two weeks!

Doctor: You mentioned that you had unprotected sex while you are on oral contraceptives. Since you were on pill, even a missing a single dose, the risk of pregnancy is negligible. You mentioned that you took morning after pill or emergency contraceptive pill after 30 hours, but it should be consumed within 24 hours of unprotected sex. But anyways your pregnancy tests are negative, this should rule out pregnancy. The various symptoms like swollen glands, back ache could be due to other cause, which should be worked up in person by a physician. Don;t worry, consult a gynecologist for further advice.