Is this a common cold?

Patient: I have a cough that is getting worse, low ammount of mucous, ear aches, no fever, sore throat, and feel nasuea now and then. help? I have a 8 month old daughter and a husband I would rather not give this to, but if they do catch it I would like to know the best treatment.

Doctor: You may be having symptoms of flu. This is most probably caused by a virus but in certain cases there may be an underlyi ng bacterial infection as well. Due to the fact that your cough is getting worse, the presence of mucous and sore throat, I would advise that you see you doctor for an examination. Depending on your symptoms he may take a swab for strep. throat and prescribe antibiotics.The best bay to ensure that your child and husband don’t catch the infection is by covering your mouth when you cough and washing/use hand sanitizers regularly, before and after touching objects in the house.