Is this a hernia?

Patient: HelloI am 15 years old and just started to get into working out5 days ago I did a bit of deadlifting ( only 60kg/130 pounds so quite light ) and as usual the muscle I had worked ( lower back ) was sore the next day. I noticed a small bump on my lower back which hurts if I touch it , although I don’t know if I got it before doing the deadlifts.I can function fine , jump around , sit down and stand up with very little pain , which is why i am doubtful it is a hernia.Today I did heavy deadlifts ( up to 100kg ) feeling no pain. I haven’t felt any pain doing any of the exercises or deadlifts.My back seems to be quite sore now though , although it is not at all painful and that’s why I wanted to ask a doctorI have acne , so could this just be “backne/cyst” or does it sound like a hernia

Symptoms: I have a small bump on my lower back which hurts when i push against it.