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Is this a herpes lesion? Not sure…

Patient: Is this herpes? I have been extremely paranoid that I’ve contracted herpes. I’m unsure of my ex boyfriends herpes status, I never saw any sores on him though. For about two weeks I’ve experienced tingling that comes and goes in my left labia majora. It lasts about 15 seconds and then goes away. This happens about 15 times a day. I also have experienced on a few occasions random shooting pains through out my body. Though I’ve never seen any sores on my vagina yesterday I discovered a sore near my inner thigh area ( not where the tingling has been occurring) it was painful to touch and appeared to be a cut. I’m not sure if it’s where I could’ve cut myself shaving or if it’s a herpes sore. Today it is flat and painless though a mark is still there. I also experienced a brief sore throat the other day ( it lasted a day and a half with nasal congestion and one swollen lymph node) could this be herpes? I have been obsessed and fearful I’ve contracted an std. I spend hours a day researching and worrying a lot. We had unprotected sex 8 times in January and February. I took a herpes test 2 weeks ago and was negative for type one and type two herpes. I also had a mirena inserted that day. What does this sound like? Also a month ago I started developing a livedo reticularis discoloration on my leg.



Symptoms: Random shooting body pains, tingling labia majora left side that comes and goes for two weeks now, possible sore inner thigh area, reynauds disease and livedo reticularis



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.You have tingling sensation i n the left labia majora that is intermittent for the past two weeks and a sore like lesion on the inner thigh area.It does not sound like genital herpes from your history. Genital herpes always manifests with a cluster of very painful sores and a rash around the vagina, extending all the way up to the anus. The rash may or may not be present, but the sores are always in a cluster.Since you had only one sore, which already mostly healed, it is unlikely to be from herpes.Secondly, you also said you never noticed any obvious sores on him, which means he was not on the active stage when you did have intercourse with him.The sore throat sounds more like a URTI and is unrelated to herpes.Now since you have a Mirena inserted, there is a possibility that the tingling is related to the Mirena. I will advise you to consult your gynecologist for the exact cause, and she can also check for any displacement or any infection secondary to the Mirena.So just for reassuring you, it does not sound like herpes at all, and you should not worry.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: So you think it doesn’t sound like a lesion? could the iud have hit a nerve to cause this?

Doctor: Hello,
No, I do not think it has to do anything with herpes.
Moreover due to constant friction or shaving, such sores are common in the thigh area.
The tingling could be due to the IUD, it is possible it has caused some local compression on the nerve and is causing such symptoms. Kindly get it examined by your gynecologist.


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