Is this a miscarriage?

Patient: Hi, I am about 7 week pregnant. I had my last definite period on 15/01. I had a 3 day bleeding on 10/02. I did a pregnancy test on 14/02, negative. I had another day bleeding on 19/02. Did a pregancy test on 21/02 and 23/02, both positive. Since Friday I am bleeding again. Not very heavy, like period. Not much pain (a bit on Friday, again like period pains). I had a scan on Saturday moring and we could see nothing with the “normal” scan. Then she did a pelvic scan (“internal”) and she found a small pouch of liquid. I haven’t done any blood test yet, so I don’t know the level of hormones. I was just wondering if this is really a miscarriage, because it doesn’t really feel like it, if that makes sense… thanks.

Symptoms: Last period 15/02, bleeding since Friday 06/03