Is this an allergy and how do I stop it?

Patient: Ive never had allergies before but past week Im feeling horrible and I dont know whats causing these weird symptoms but they are driving me crazy!

Symptoms: A lot of sneezing, running/stuffy/itchy nose, super itchy at back of throat, itchy ears

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryThe symptoms that you have described are mostly indicative of an allergy.The triggering fa ctor could be dust, mites, animal fur, fumes, perfumes, smoke, food items, cold weather, pollen, etc. Kindly take an antihistaminic like citrezene to control the sneezing and watery eyes. Steam inhalations also provide good relief.Warm saline gargles will reduce throat dysfunction.In case you can find out the cause of your allergy, try to avoid it. Keep your nose and mouth covered and wear glasses for the eye.In case the symptoms recur, consider seeing a physician for an examination and specific investigations include tests for allergy and get it treated specifically.Hope this helped.Regards,