Is this fever something to be concerned about tonight

Patient: 21 years old, 170 lbs, male, 5’11’, white, fever since monday (12/29), diagnosed with leukemia at age 16 (august 20th 2009 – Successful BMT since feb 23 2010), levothyroxin, been taking tylenol (500mg x2) since monday every 6 hours (last night didn’t take). Obviously been having a fever since monday and since there is literally no help online for anything but fucking children (sorry I’m aggravated) I need some advice. Max temp: monday – 102.4, tuesday – 103.0 (night), wednesday (103.2-103.5) 41/2 hours after taking two tylenol. Lightheadedness, have been consuming a lot of water, honey/lemon tea, appetite decreased maybe half. Coughing, small amount of mucus. Was feeling fantastic last night where I didn’t consume any tylenol. Woke up and felt great all day. Chills resumed around 3-4 p.m. Temp has been rising to said current temp since about an hour ago. No trouble breathing. No confusion, just a little foggy. Should I go to ER right now or hold off to see a doc in the morning. Note; I’m obviously aware I should get this addressed but my concern is the present.