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Is this genital warts

Patient: Is this genital warts



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The small raised intralata , skin coloured lesion which has a sh rivelled growth may might as well be a wart if there is no pain and discomfort and have been noticed recently. Though a similar presentation is also seen with vaginal abrasions post sex and considering this unlikely location of the genital wart it is important to get a local examination and a swab test for culture done to rule out or confirm the diagnosis. The picture shows two lesions one at 1 o’clock and the other ay 5 o clock and the features are blurred but if the concern is for 5 o clock lesions then they appear to be normal vaginal rugosity rather than genital warts.I hope i have answered your query,Wishing you good health,Regards

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Patient: I am attaching a clear picture. I do not know if they have recently appeared I have never looked before… Some history, I am 26 have not had sex for 3 years until now and every time we have used protection. Normally they are not as red or vibrant it appears that I irritated it by pulling, touching the area. Is this not a common place to get a wart? I have researched and is it possible it could be vestibular papillomatosis?

Doctor: Hello,
these are not warts for sure as they have lined the introitus and typical mucous projections are visible which are likely to be papillomatosis. this is not transmitted sexually or neither a viral disease by HPV infection. These can be treated actually by application of acetic acid swabs under doctors supervision . You may visit one and get a swab test anyways and rest assured that the lesion is benign.


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