Is this HPV or something benign?

Patient: I am female. A little under a month ago, I gave oral to a male. We did not have intercourse. After the fact, I noticed what may have been just a birth mark or a pimple on the shaft of his penis, but being the hypochondriac that I am, I decided that it was HPV. He told me that I was being ridiculous, and I know he isn’t promiscuous, but a few days ago I noticed a tiny, hard bump on the side of my tongue, somewhat towards the front, and now I’m worried it’s HPV.It looks like a tiny, slightly inflamed taste bud. It went away after two days or so, but returned today. I put some salt on it and that seemed to soften it and get rid of the white part. It looks like a single, tiny papilloma. It hurts to the touch and I tried pulling it or snagging it off, and it won’t come off. I can’t tell if it’s normal and I just bit down in my tongue, or if it’s HPV. Thank you for your help!

Symptoms: Painful bump on tongue

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