Is this implantation bleeding or a wacky period?

Patient: I am wondering if I am experiencing implantation bleeding or a messed up period? My last period was 8/23 and since I’ve had really sore breasts, lower back aches, bad headaches and have been extremely fatigured. I’m talking sleeping in until 10am, then needing a nap at noon-2, then again at 4-6. I track my cycle with a fertility app and it says to wait four days to test. This past Saturday I began seeing blood in my egg white cervical mucus and thought my period was coming on. Then the discharge turned a creamy brown. Yesterday I had a gush of blood (filling on wipe of toilet paper) and then its gone today. What gives? My next period isn’t due until 10/13 and I’ve never been early. I’m a healthy 25-year-old woman with normal cycles and am not on any hormonal birth control and am TTC.

Symptoms: Sore / fuller / heavy breasts, extreme fatigue, mild nausea (no vomiting), cramping/fullness, terrible headaches.

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