Is this my period or am I pregnant? Is my body acting up?

Patient: So i engaged in sexual intercourse exactly 7 days ago, we had an incident where the condom slipped off but realized it before there was any ejaculation, what I am afraid of though is that there was pre cum involved so I took plan B two hours after. Yesterday morning I started experiencing bleeding and am still bleeding but its not similar to what my period usually looks like, this is a lighter flow and doesn’t have the blood clots that my period usually has. I looked a bit into it and found out about implantation bleeding, is this what Im experiencing or is this some kind of side effect. Im experiencing the symptoms I usually have with my period, im having menstrual cramps. I dont know what to think. Please help.

Symptoms: Menstrual like cramps, bleeding, sore nipples

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.An implantation bleeding usually presents a week before an anticipated cycle in case of a n intercourse in the cycle and goes on only for a couple of hours and in the form of pink color discharge rather than a heavy flow lasting for many days.In your case, it seems like the possibility of a pregnancy is very less. Considering the fact that you had a protected intercourse with slip of condom, but no ejaculation and the plan B taken on time, almost makes the possibility of pregnancy close to nilThe bleeding is most likely to be your menstrual cycle, else it could be a side effect of the plan b which causes spotting, early or late menses with lighter or heavier flow and inter menstrual bleeding as well.In case of doubts, you may consider doing a urine pregnancy test on day 28 of your cycle, from last cycle day as your count.Hope this helped.Regards,