Is this narcolepsy?

Patient: I am suddenly experiencing several episodes of extreme fatigue and sudden sleeping. At home and at work, I will be right in the middle of a task or speaking a sentence and then I am suddenly sleeping. I have no control over this. I only know I feel asleep when I wake up and then I am unsure even how long I was sleeping. When it happens, it is like all of my energy instantly drains. I get very groggy, my brain feels sluggish, it’s hard to think. I have no control over these episodes of instant sleep. I can be reaching for something and wake up several minutes later with my arm still outstretched, that’s how quickly it happens. I haven’t been able to link this to anything in my diet. That is to say, I don’t recognize any pattern related to what I eat or drink. I don’t know why this is happening. I am very afraid that it might cause me to lose my job. I have a persistent cough, but I don’t think it’s related.

Symptoms: instantaneous sleep, frequent episodes, sometimes several in a day, sometimes weeks apart.


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Patient: This question has been posted for two weeks now, is anyone ever going to respond?