Is this normal?

Patient: I have never been on birth control before and im on the beginning of the second week taking othro novum 777, is it normal for me to have really sore nipples? Or could it be a sign of pregnancy? I had unprotected sex on the 6th and 7th day of taking the pills.

Symptoms: Sore nipples

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Ortho novum 777 is a birth control pill which has both estrogen & progesterone like hormo nes. Using this pill regularly from day 5 of the menstrual cycle to day 25 of the cycle or for all the 28 days with 21 active pills & 7 placebo pills, it provides contraception up to 95% effectiveness. Since you say that you had unprotected sex on day 6 & 7 after starting the pill you are probably safe, the chances of a conception are almost meek. Sore nipples could be a side effect of this drug usage.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.