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Is this normal after having my c section

Patient: My name is heather I am 21 I just had a baby a month ago.. I embed up having an emergency c section I bled for two weeks then for about a week I had yellow liquid and clumps of yellow stuff coming out then this last week I have been bleeding so much I have been going through so many pads and I have clumps probably the size of my Palm and I don’t know what’s going on so I was wondering what should I do.. Is this normal


Symptoms: Heavy bleeding with huge blood clots after c section

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIt is normal to have lochia bleeding after the delivery of the child an d it may last for 35-40 days .Initially the colour is red for a2 weeks , then it changes to serosa and then to white colour in next two weeks. Bit instead if you have been bleeding heavy and passing clots then it indicates that uterus has not involuted well and the uterine sinuses have not closed as yet.The most common cause for inadequate uterine involution is IMPROPER BREAST FEEDING PRACTICES. If breast feeding is not promoted and has been stopped or is infrequent , then such condition and problems may arise. It is suggested that you visit your physician for a bimanual examination to check for the size and consistency of uterus for ruling out involution.I hope i have answered your query ,wishing you good health,regards


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