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Is this pain from EMG done weeks ago?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I had a nerve test and EMG about Jan. 18, 2012. I still have a lot of pain from the test near my right knee and right hip. I still take pain pills, ice the area off and on. I still have swelling off and on. The pain is usually less the last 2 weeks. I do have nerve damage to the right of my L5. Why do I still have pain? Kimberly


Possibly the pain is not totally consequence of the EMG, remember that you have a radicular nerve compression L5 that may be painful, on the other hand, the action of moving the needle through different areas of the muscle is a necessary part of the examination, as is the activation of the muscle. The amount of discomfort that follows after this action can vary because of the kind of needle used, the skill of the Electromyographer and the muscle being examined (smaller muscles are often more painful).

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